WILD Cardano Stake Pool

The Cardano stake pool WILD runs at a 0% forever fee & a healthy principle pledge on bare-metal Tier 1 carrier-grade network!

Yield-hungry delegators will instantly see the value in WILD Cardano stake pool {;-)


Cardano stake pools have two charges, paid by delegates, margin & cost per epoch. Combine the two, & you have a pool service fee.

Normally operating at a 0% forever pool margin/fee would be unsustainable, but Cardano incorporated 'cost per epoch,' which allows for operation expense, servers & bandwidth to be absorbed.

Wild Ada has fully embraced and optimized this cost by operating on decentralized bare-metal servers. Those bare-metal serves are capable of ultra high-bandwidth, 2 x 10GE, with low global latencies & zero packet loss!

0% forever pool margin/fee does not mean sacrificing global performance quite the opposite. WILD, pool fully utilize 'cost per epoch,' bringing carrier-grade performance for the whole Cardano ecosystem.


WILD, Cardano stake pool will have a minimum healthy pledge of no less than 250,000 ADA.

As a commitment to Cardano's future, the WILD pool pledge will grow organically from pledge rewards, just as our delegators do. Those organic ADA shall be locked up for no less than two years, furthering the engagement to Cardano.

We are not traders. We do not trade against our Delegators.


Wild Ada runs the Cardano stake pool WILD, and only WILD.

Our mission as a Cardano stake pool operation has to be for the greater good of the ecosystem. This greater good directly translates into not competing against single stake pool operators, proven through limiting our pool delegation candidates.

Cardano's decentralization begins at home. We run one pool and only one pool WILD.

Pool ID

Wild Ada pool ID is WILD, WILD being the first and ONLY Cardano stake pool.

The offical Wild Ada Cardano stake pools is WILD.