Have a Cardano legacy worth fighting over

Wild ADA operates the Cardano stake pool WILD, running on two-block producers (one for failover), working on bare-metal servers that we own in geo diverse colocations. WILD's relays work on independent cloud providers, with no big-box clouds used for security. At a moment's notice, relays can be scaled-up due to threats, DDoS, or capacity. At any one time, no less than two world-wide relays are working.

Delegating to WILD and building a legacy, one needs assurance that Wild ADA is operating in the best interest of its delegators and the Cardano community.
Our commitments to you:

  1. 1. WILD margin will never exceed 1%
  2. 2. WILD cost per epoch will always be the lowest.
  3. 3. WILD will have a pledge of no less than 500,000 ADA.

Thank you for delegating to WILD; your scions will, thank you too.