Cost per epoch

Every Cardano stake pool in service has a minimum cost per epoch, currently set at 340 ADA every 5-days. This cost can be higher, but it cannot be lower than 340 ADA per epoch.

This cost is paid by delegators if and only if a pool's rewards are greater than or equal to that cost.

Cost per epoch makes WILD pool possible. We fully utilize this cost, providing fully decentralized bare-metal servers, operating at high-bandwidth, 10GE minimum, over premium Tier 1 network transit across 5-continents.

Cardano's cost allows WILD stake pool to operate at a level of service that is extraordinary.

Every Cardano stake pool, once they achieve utility, is awarded, from delegators, 340 ADA every 5-days. What a stake pool chooses to do with that cost per epoch ADA is up to them.