Forever promise

Cardano has the potential to change the world for the better. This change has just begun, as reflected in its early adoption. It is within this context that Wild Ada came to be.

To further foster this change, Wild Ada is proud to make a few promises:

  1. We will not touch the WILD 0% fee. It will always remain at 0%, as long as Cardano's protocol values stay the same, stamped Epoch 253.
  2. If/when Cardano protocol values change, we will revisit the 0% fee. Our dedication will always be keeping the lights on and maximizing our delegators and members ADA.
  3. Our WILD 0% pool margin/fee will not sacrifice the quality of service.

Wild Ada is a small company with members that believe and act that the positive change Cardano is bringing is just beginning to grow. Our promises reflect our beliefs and, more importantly, our actions, aligning interests, not only for our members and delegators but for the entire Cardano ecosystem.

If you have any questions about our promise, please send them to

WILD, a Cardano stake pool with principles.